Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) Testing in London

Take Care of Your Reproductive Health

Reproductive health is pivotal in overall wellbeing and every couple should know the essential aspects that promote fertility if they are planning to start a family. With the help of London you can visit a private family planning clinic in London for reproductive health advice and to carry out AMH testing along side receiving necessary advice and treatment planning to ensure optimal fertility.

What is AMH?

Anti-Mullerian Hormone is a protein that is produced when the egg sacs or follicles develop in the ovaries. It has an integral role to play in regulating the female reproductive system. It is quite different from female hormones that fluctuate during the menstrual cycle. AMH is quite stable and assists the doctor in evaluating the ovarian reserves that help in determining the likelihood of becoming pregnant.

Who are in need of AMH testing in London?

It is helpful for the women who:

  • Are planning for a family
  • Have fertility concerns
  • Experience irregular menstrual cycles
  • Are undergoing fertility treatment

What are the benefits of AMH testing?

  • Early intervention and diagnosis of fertility issues- It may help assess a potential fertility issue in the initial stage by checking ovarian reserve.
  • Personalised fertility plans- Depending on the ovarian reserve status, the gynaecologist near you will provide personalised fertility plan so that you can make the best informed decisions for you.
  • Fertility treatment guidance- This test incorporates the healthcare professionals to share necessary guidance on your treatment for better outcomes.
  • Empowering the patient- AMH testing gives you insight to your fertility potential so that you can manage your reproductive health actively following the doctor’s instructions.

What to expect from the private sexual health clinics in London?

  • Fully equipped testing facilities- They have latest and advanced technology and state-of-the-art facilities to offer accurate analysis of AMH testing.
  • Experienced and qualified medical professionals- The clinics have an experienced team of Gynaecologists to carry out AMH testing with precision.
  • Accurate and quick results- With a private sexual health clinic near you; you can get quick results from your same day test.
  • Privacy assurance and confidentiality- They offer highest standard of service while maintaining complete confidentiality. Ensuring that your personal information will be dealt with discreetly.

What to expect during anti-mullerian hormone test in London?

Once you get the appointment, drink plenty of water 24 hour before your test for smooth testing process. The nurse will draw a blood sample from the inner arm close to elbow. You may feel scratching or pricking sensation only. You can your results very quickly. Some clinics offer same day and next day results. With follow-up GP consultations in London you can discuss with your doctor how to maintain optimum reproductive health. If the level is low or high, then doctor will discuss with you the next course of action for ensuring your reproductive health is as perfect as possible.

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We can enable you to schedule an appointment with a sexual health clinic in London for the anti-mullerian hormone test. You can opt for same day testing or a walk-in GP consultation. Some clinics also offer same day or next day delivery of reports so that you can seek treatment and management quickly with a follow-up appointment shortly after. Accordingly, you can make better decision for your family planning. Subscribe today!

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