Bone Profile Blood Test in London

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Bone health is crucial to support the health of the entire body. If you have any concern regarding your bone health, then an extensive assessment may be helpful. It will identify the minerals, enzymes and proteins related to bone health and any problems that there may be. London will enable you to access the best private healthcare clinics in London for bone profile blood tests on a self-referral basis. If you feel the need, GP consultations in London is also available. Most clinics facilitate a walk-in facility and appointments on weekends.

They have experienced professionals who are able to collect the blood sample and send it to our partner lab (TDL) for detailed analysis.

What is a bone profile test?

Bone profile checks different diseases and conditions related to your bones. It measures the level of essential minerals in blood responsible for bone health such as:

  • Calcium- It measures the level of calcium in blood. The normal range is 2.2-2.6 mmol/L that promotes bone health.
  • Alkaline phosphatase (ALP)- It is present in liver and bone cells and a drop in the level can lead to liver disease and bone disorders. The usual range in adults is 30-120u/L.
  • Albumin- Low albumin will reduce the density of bone as protein synthesises in the liver. The normal range is 35 – 50g/L.

A bone profile assists in measuring total proteins, globulin and urea too.

What does a bone profile test show?

Bone profile blood test acts as bone marker to find out the presence of collagen, protein assists in making the bone stronger along with calcium phosphate. Accordingly, doctor can diagnose your bone health and density and detect conditions such as osteoporosis.  This may be helpful for people of advanced age as bone structure begins to weaken down.

Why is a bone profile test necessary?

Healthy and strong bones are important for your movement, posture and overall health. However, the bones gradually weaken as we grow older. This makes it important for older adults to undergo bone profile tests.

It also aids to identify specific health conditions like:

  • Osteoporosis- Osteoporosis makes the bone fragile with a tendency of break.
  • Paget's disease- It affects the renewal and regeneration of bone. Vitamin D is required to combat it efficiently.
  • Bone cancer- identified by swelling, pain in the bones, lumps and breakage.
  • Thyroid problems and liver disease- This test can help identify parathyroid and thyroid problems as they help to maintain calcium-phosphorus balance in the body.

What to expect from bone profile test in London

You can opt for tests on a self-referral basis to check the status of bone health. You can also make an appointment with the GP near you for your bone health concern. Most private healthcare clinics in London facilitate extended hours and weekend appointment facility as per your convenience. The blood sample collected by experienced professionals will be sent to a lab in the city for analysis.

Get tested for your bone health today! will help you get the appointment at an excellent private healthcare clinic in London. During the consultation, doctor in London will ask about your symptoms and concerns to diagnose any conditions that you may be suffering with. If any condition is discovered, you can seek expert advice from top UK doctors. Repetition of the test and follow-up appointment are also available. Subscribe now!

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