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When a person gets a wound bleeding starts right away! But after sometime, the blood starts clotting at the wound site. The time this takes is measured as the International Normalised Ratio, this blood test lets the doctor determine the time takes the blood to clot. The liver is responsible for secreting prothrombin, the main protein assisting in blood clotting to stop bleeding. will put you in touch with the best private healthcare clinics for INR blood testing in London. You can undergo the test and seek treatment if there is any immediate need. Plus, your GP consultation will help you to know how to manage this condition the can provide further assistance.

What is INR?

INR is the International Normalised Ratio measured with the help of private INR blood testing in London. PT-INR measures the time taken by the blood to clot and ensures that you take correct anticoagulant dose. While high INR is associated with non stop bleeding, low INR will put you at higher risk of blood clot.

What is the normal range of INR in blood test?

Healthy INR range relies on conditions of the patients.

The normal range will be around:

  • Men- 0.9-1.1
  • Women- 0.9-1.1

For patients who take anticoagulants (warfarin etc) the range is around:

  • Men- 2-3
  • Women- 2-3

What the symptoms?

Generally, people who have high INR don’t tend to experience many symptoms. It can, if too high, result in profuse bleeding. Other symptoms are:

  • Nosebleed
  • Headache due to bleeding in brain from head injury
  • Red, purple or black stool due to gastrointestinal bleeding
  • Red or pink urine from internal bleeding

Do you need an INR blood test in London?

You may need to get tested because:

  • You take blood thinners or anticoagulants (warfarin)

This medication prevents blood clotting and doctor needs to check your treatment progress to possibly adjust the dose.

  • Before surgery

GP in London will check the blood clotting rate with INR blood testing to ensure that you don’t bleed too much after or at the time of surgery.

  • Looking for blood disorders

Blood clotting problem can cause several underlying medical conditions.

  • Detecting blood clot issue

INR blood test assists the doctor to check PE (pulmonary embolism) and DVT (deep vein thrombosis) for blood clotting problem.

  • Diagnosis of liver disease

INR blood testing in London will be recommended to help diagnose liver disease if any symptoms are detected by the doctor.

What to expect from the INR blood test in London?

INR test needs no specific preparation. But some people with particular health condition and those who take specific medications and supplements need to prepare for the test. Your GP will share the information regarding to preparations.

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