Private Breast Screening in London

Ensure good health for your breasts

Breast screening is useful to detect potential conditions when you encounter any abnormalities or unusual signs in the breast. With help of a breast screening, your GP can identify cancer and other underlying conditions in their initial stages, ensuring the treatment is as effective and successful as possible. can put you in touch with the best private breast screening centres in London.

Most of the clinics referred to by us offer comprehensive breast examination services along with testing and follow-up consultations with GPs. They can take effective action taking into account your condition, medical history, symptoms and other factors.

Symptoms that indicate breast cancer include:

Here are some of the regular tests carried out during a health screening:

  • Lump or swelling in the breast, collarbones and around the armpits
  • Dense breast tissues at some areas
  • Unusual shape, size and appearance of the breasts
  • Noticeable change in skin surface texture (dimpling, unevenness and puckering)
  • Red rash on nipples or skin of the breast
  • Abnormal discharge from nipples

These may or may not happen because of cancer. But it is really good idea for you to pay attention and get tested by breast screening clinics in the city.

Why do you need regular breast screening?

Breast screening is essential to perform once in every 3 years because:

  • Cancer in the initial stage cannot be felt or noticed
  • Early intervention and treatment of cancer, if detected, increases the survival probability.

What are the breast screening options available?


This common breast screening method involves using of low-energy X-rays by the radiographer to detect cancerous and abnormal cells in the breasts.


In this procedure, radiologist makes use of small manual probe emitting high frequency sound waves to obtain internal breast tissues pictures. Then, these are read to find out if there are any abnormalities in the breast tissues. Often it is recommended along with mammograms for additional details and information regarding breast health.

What to expect during breast screening?

On visiting the top GPs in London for an extensive breast examination, they will look for noticeable changes in the tissues like thickening and lumps. Then they will carry out diagnostic tests like biopsies, mammograms and ultrasounds to diagnose the condition to the best of their abilities.

On receiving the result, the GP can refer you to a specialist for further discussion. If there is potential sign of cancer, specialists at the leading clinics in London will take you through next steps and other treatment options. Sometimes, you may get referrals to oncologists for even more comprehensive care.

Start taking care of your breasts today! acts as the bridge to fill the gap between the renowned breast screening centres in London and patients. With regular screening you can mitigate the risk of breast cancer while ensuring optimal health at the same time. If you need to talk with a GP regarding your breast health, subscribe today! Many clinics facilitate same day testing to their patients so that you can get timely care at competitive prices.

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