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Sexual health is as important as overall physical health! If you have any concern regarding sexual health, then it is better to get tested. Also, people who are sexually active should perform regular testing to stay protected from STIs. If you are looking for the ideal private sexual health clinic in London, we can help. acts as the bridge between patients and sexual health care providers in the city.

We can put you in touch with the best sexual health clinics in the city where you can get 100% privacy and confidentiality in screening and treatment. You can consult with the best sexual healthcare providers for necessary advice on sexual health such as contraceptive methods, birth control pills and safe sex.

The typical STIs you can seek treatment for:

HIV test

This viral infection can cause AIDS if left untreated for long. Using advanced technology, the sexual healthcare provider can provide support and guidance for further care.

Herpes Test

This infection can lead to recurrent of painful sores outbreak. will assist to get in touch with the leading private clinic to diagnose this infection and perfectly manage the symptoms

Syphilis Test

If left untreated, it can lead to severe consequences! You can seek rapid treatment with early detection from private sexual health clinics in London to prevent further complications.

Chlamydia Test

This is the most common STI and many clinics in London deliver accurate result and diagnosis of Chlamydia testing for prevention against additional complications.

Trichomoniasis Test

This STI is caused by parasite and you can seek accurate diagnosis and rapid treatment from the private sexual health clinic near you for managing the symptoms.

Gonorrhoea Test

This is a contagious bacterial infection that transmits during sexual contact. Early detection is helpful for efficient treatment to resist the spreading of infection.

Advantages of Private STI tests

  • Early STI detection: With Private STI testing you can get early diagnosis of STIs, especially for the asymptomatic ones. Early intervention in the initial stage will help you to manage and treat the infection better without any risk of spreading it and progressing into later stages.
  • Gives protection to both you and your partners: You and your partners can stay informed about sexual wellness with regular testing from a reputed private sexual health clinic in London. Accordingly, you can stop its transmission to others.
  • Peace of mind: You can get much-needed peace of mind by knowing your sexual health status by undergoing regular STI tests. If you are STI free then you can have sex with more confidence and less worry.
  • Preventive care and health maintenance: Regular private STI testing is a key part of preventive health care. Not only will it help manage sexual hygiene but also it promotes overall well-being of an individual. On-time testing on a regular basis leads to early diagnosis, adoption of protected and safe sexual practices and effective counselling for your STI.
  • Education and awareness: Regular testing from a private clinic will help you understand different STIs their causes and symptoms better. It will empower you to make better decisions for your sexual well-being by knowing how they transfer and what the preventive measures are.

What to expect from a private STI test?

Private STI test is all about testing your sexual health to detect conditions like gonorrhoea, trichomoniasis, syphilis, herpes, HIV and Chlamydia. The clinics you can access through us offer simple and confidential STI test at their relaxing and modern practices. Their medical experts will guide you through the entire process, answering any questions that you may have.

Why choose a private sexual health clinic in London through

Expertise and experience:

You can find the best private sexual health clinics in London through our platform. They are led by highly experienced health care professionals. Every clinic ensures highest standard of care that will give you peace of mind.

Wide range of services

Starting from complex diagnoses to routine STI screenings and to personalised treatment, the clinics listed on our platform are known for their comprehensive services. They are always there to discuss any questions  you may have regarding STI testing, specialised care or advice on safe sex practices.

Privacy and confidentiality

Our clinics maintain strict standard of privacy and confidentiality making sure that your health data and personal information will be stored safe and secure.

Convenient location and flexible scheduling

We will let you find the walk in sexual health clinic in London at convenient locations that you can get to easily. They facilitate flexible appointment booking feature to adjust with the busy lifestyle of our patients. You can make the appointment and get access to effective treatment at your convenience.

Cutting-edge technology

The clinics we mentioned in our platform adopt latest advancements in medical diagnosis and treatments. They make use of state-of-the-art technology to deliver diagnostics and treatments with precision to boost your outcomes.

Patient-oriented care

These clinics always keep patient comfort and well-being as their top priority. They leverage patient-centric approach to ensure that every visit of the patients is relaxing and comfortable. Patients also receive personalised care plans according to their respective health requirements.

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Which is the most typical STI?

HPV or human papillomavirus is the most typical STI that affects most people across the globe! Most of its types don’t show up any symptoms and hence it can result in genital warts and cancer in rare cases. A specific jab is available to get protected against most of the strains. Regular screening and safe sex are other ways to prevent you from the infection.

What are the symptoms of STIs?

Common STI symptoms include genital warts, sores and discharge, burning sensation during peeing, irritation and itching. You can also experience low abdominal pain, swollen lymph nodes in groin and flu-like symptoms such as body pain and fever during STI infection.

Which STI symptoms emerge right away?

Certain symptoms of STI emerge right after you get the exposure. It includes ulcers or sores in genitals, genital itching, abnormal genital discharge and painful urination. Plus, flu-like symptoms such as body pain and fever along with swollen lymph nodes may also appear. Remember, not all STIs exhibit symptoms and therefore regular testing is essential.

Which STIs don’t show up any symptoms?

HPV, Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia and others don’t exhibit any symptoms at all in the initial phase. Although asymptomatic yet it can transmit to others during sexual activity. Regular screening helps in early detection and efficient treatment on time despite noticing any symptoms.

How long STI tests take?

Depending on the test type and the clinic you choose for STI testing, the time to receive results can vary. Rapid test usually takes 20 minutes to deliver the result. But other test types including blood tests may consume a couple of days to a week for the results. You should consult with the healthcare professional to know the timeline of different test types.