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Herpes is the viral infection occurring from herpes simplex virus (HSV). There are 2 main kinds of herpes- HSV2 and HSV1 and these both affect the body’s mucous membranes. Hence, you may develop infection at sites around the mouth, genitals, thighs and buttocks. This is non-curable and transfers through sexual contact.

When to you notice any unusual symptoms or have engaged in unprotected sex then it may be prudent to arrange a  Herpes Test. MD.co.uk will assist you in getting the appointment at a leading private sexual health clinic in London for discrete, fast and convenient testing. These clinics offer premium services along with consultations and follow-ups with the GPs. They facilitate different testing options like blood, urine and swab tests.

What are the symptoms?

  • Primary episode of herpes will develop within 7-14 days of being exposed to the virus. It can present with severe bouts of pain, discomfort, blisters and fever. Women may also experience unusual vaginal discharge
  • Many get Herpes virus and don’t exhibit any symptoms. In such cases, symptoms can appear after months or years of getting the infection.
  • Recurring episodes are not severe and may present only watery blisters with tingling sensation
  • Cold sores can appear around the mouth due to the virus
  • Both of the types affect the genitals and mouth. But HSV1 mostly causes genital symptoms

How is genital herpes spread?

Genital herpes can transmit from a person to another during:

  • Skin-to-skin contact
  • Sharing of infected tattoo equipment and any needles
  • Sharing of sex toys
  • Having vaginal, oral or anal sex with no use of condoms
  • Congenital herpes can affect infants

Perform Genital Herpes Testing in London

If you develop any abnormal symptoms and suspect you may have HSV2 and HSV1 then you may want to organise a private genital herpes test in London from a nearby clinic.

  • Swab testing- Viral culture test or NAT (nucleic amplication test) using a swab sample will give positive results if the virus is present in the sample.
  • Herpes Test- This blood test will diagnose the asymptomatic herpes infection by detecting the antibodies to the virus. For re-infection, you need to perform the following blood test as the virus is dormant:
    • Type-specific herpes blood tests- It detects the antibodies against the virus HSV1 or HSV2
    • General herpes blood tests- It detects the antibodies against the virus in general not in types.

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