Wellman Check in London

Full Body Health Check and Screening for Men

A private well-man health screen is a unique way to check the health of the male population and identify any underlying illness that may be present. Every man above 25 should undergo a well-man health check to ensure that you are completely healthy and fit, inside out. MD.co.uk London can put you in touch with the leading Wellman clinics in London to obtain a comprehensive overview of your health status. The comfortable setting of the clinic will make you feel relaxed during the appointment with the experienced GP.

Well-man medical is all about giving the best possible preventive care. Considering your potential risk factors and present health status and family history of illnesses, your doctor will make informed decisions on the appropriate treatment for you.

Why should you go for a Well Man Health Screening?

  • Early intervention of medical conditions- Successful treatment is more likely after early detection of potential conditions.
  • Bespoke recommendations for health maintenance- It includes necessary advice on lifestyle changes like exercise, diet and preventive measures to alleviate the risk of disease.
  • Enhanced quality of life- Improve the life quality by addressing potential health conditions with proper preventive measures and management.
  • Peace of mind- With prompt and effective treatment you can have peace of mind for ensuring optimal health.
  • Accurate and fast results- The well man clinics in London are known for providing accurate and quick results so that you can start the treatment as soon as possible.

What does a well man health check test for?

Well Man Health Check screens the following:

  • Heart Check to detect risk of heart disease and cholesterol level.
  • Thyroid Check looks for over-active or under-active thyroid.
  • Vitamin Check measures Vitamin D levels and identifies any problems.
  • Liver and Kidney Check assesses the functional ability of these organs and detects signs of any conditions.
  • Blood Pressure Check measures blood pressure and ensures that you are within normal range.
  • Anaemia Check looks for signs of anaemia.
  • Diabetes Check finds out early signs of diabetes to let the doctors recommend necessary lifestyle changes needed.
  • Bone Health Check measures level of calcium in the body and ensures that you have optimum teeth and bone health.
  • Testosterone Check calculates the level of testosterone hormone and ensures that you are healthy.
  • Prostate Cancer Check assesses the risk of prostate cancer via PSA blood test.

What is involved in the well-man health check?

GP Consultation

  • Personal specialist consultation with your health screening doctor
  • General health examination
  • Detailed discussion of lifestyle and risk factors
  • Previous surgical and medical history
  • Health concern discussion
  • Health screening history
  • Family history
  • Prostate assessment
  • Comprehensive report

Health tests and checks

  • Blood pressure check
  • Body Mass Index
  • Comprehensive blood tests (see below for details)

Blood and urine tests


  • A comprehensive health screening report detailing your results
  • Speedy onward referrals if required
  • Prescription for medication if needed

What to expect from Well-Man Health Check

This is a full blood profile test which needs you to fast before blood is taken. Have light dinner the day before and skip breakfast the following morning. You can stay hydrated with lots of water. Black coffee and tea are fine to have. 6 hours fasting will be required for an afternoon appointment. For urine tests, make sure your bladder is full to provide an adequate sample.

Your doctor will consult with you about medical history, family history and lifestyle as a key part of Well-man check. They will conduct a comprehensive physical exam and collect urine and blood samples. Within a week you can receive the results. Some clinics in the city offer same day or next day delivery through post or via email. You can then arrange follow-up appointment with the GP in London for further procedure.

Start Well-Man Health Check Test today!

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