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Sexual Health

7 Tips to Improve Your Sexual Health

 Thu Jul 04 2024

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    When it comes to sexual health, most people focus on STIs and unplanned pregnancies. But sexual health includes far more than just that. For example, it encompasses healthy relationships, better mood, and intimacy. Here in this article we will let you know 7 ways to take care of your sexual health.

    Why do you need to maintain good sexual health?

    As per the world health organisation, sexual health involves relationships, pleasure, sexual expression, gender identity and sexual orientation. It has a pivotal role to play in overall health and wellbeing.

    How to maintain good sexual health in the long run

    1. Understand your body well

    Knowing and understanding your body is the most important step to good sexual health. Understand your desires and check how the body performs and reacts to them.

    You can practice a touch exercise to check how various body parts react to different sensations while you are alone or with a partner, with no judgement.

    1. Communicate with your partner

    Good and healthy communication will ensure a healthy sexual relationship. It may feel difficult, but always talk to your partner honestly and openly regarding your likes and dislikes. Couples who communicate sexually tend to have a stronger long-term relationship, with higher passion and better sex life. Refrain from using accusing language and try sharing your own perspectives.

    1. Never consider penetrative sex as the ultimate goal

    If you want pleasure from sex then don’t limit it to penetrative sex only. You can try other things besides foreplay like kissing, oral sex, or massaging various erogenous areas. Most women need other sexual stimulation to obtain orgasm besides penetration.

    1. Consider your own pleasure

    Masturbation is often considered as enjoyable as penetrative sex. But it possesses a number of health benefits like enhancing sex drive, boost self-confidence and increasing body confidence. It triggers you to release chemicals and hormones that will make you feel better.

    Here’s how you can enhance self-pleasure:

    • Using sex toys - Try out various sex toys, manual stimulation and vibrators to get orgasm.
    • Experimenting with lube - Vaginal dryness can be addressed right away with the use of lubricant.
    • Set your mood - Make the perfect environment to relax, whether it’s natural or dark, light or candles.
    • Practice edging - Delay the orgasm as much as you can to make it highly intense. If you are feeling like you are close to orgasm, stop for a while take a few deep breaths and start all over again.
    1. Protect physical health

    The key to maintaining sexual health is awareness. One must stay aware of the risks associated with sex and protect themselves against unplanned pregnancy and STIs. Safe sex practice will allow you to alleviate the anxiety and tension.

    Condomsare the only birth control, which protect you from getting STIs during anal, oral and vaginal sex.

    1. Introduce some lifestyle tweaks

    Healthy living and an active lifestyle will enhance sex drive whilst improving body confidence. Good meals, adequate sleep, proper exercise and some “me-time” are important to improve sexual health.

    Physical exercise not only boosts body confidence but it also improves erectile dysfunction. Kegel exercises benefit both women and men improving the orgasm ability, increasing vaginal lubrication, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

    1. Go for therapy

    Going for therapy, mainly sex therapy is helpful to rebuild any lost sexual confidence. Sex therapists assist people with different sexual issues like:

    • Inability to maintain the erection
    • Lack of desire or low libido
    • Penetration difficulty or painful sex
    • Difficulty reaching orgasm
    • Premature ejaculation

    Sexual abuse or trauma affects libido. Therapy helps the people to process and deal with such traumas and ensures peak sexual wellness.

    When to visit the doctor for sexual health check-up can help you to get fast and flexible appointment when you feel the need. You must go for sexual health check up when:

    • There is anxiousness in your sex life
    • You face difficulty to get and maintain the erection
    • Reaching orgasm is difficult
    • There is pain in and around the genitals
    • There is problem with your sexual urge