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Blood tests are an important part of medical care no matter if they are carried out routinely or as a one off. Blood tests are usually necessary to assist doctors in diagnosing any health issue that you may have. If you are in need of a blood test, we can help to make an appointment as simple as possible. London serves as a bridge between the patients and the top providers of private blood tests in London. Our partner clinics have in-house GPs to check any blood test results. They will ensure that you receive good care and efficient treatment. The experienced clinicians and phlebotomists will ensure that you receive as painless blood testing experience as possible.

Benefits of undergoing private blood test near you include:

  • Same-day blood test appointments
  • Fast results
  • Highly experienced clinicians
  • Convenient location
  • Transparent fees without any hidden charges
  • Collaborated with London’s largest chain of laboratories (TDL)
  • Follow-up appointment
  • Competitive costs
  • Advice from top doctors in the UK

What to expect from private blood tests in London?

On obtaining the appointment that is convenient to you, you will need to visit the private blood testing clinic. The trained phlebotomists will draw a sample of blood guaranteeing a reliable and accurate result. If needed, a pre-test GP consultation is provided at some clinics to figure out exactly which tests are needed! You can obtain same day blood testing analysis from UKAS accredited laboratories in London. On receiving the result, a follow-up appointment can be arranged to seek the correct, effective treatment.

What is involved in a full profile private blood testing in London?

The comprehensive range of private blood tests on offer are:

Comprehensive Blood Profile

This refers to a unique blood test package to ensure you are at peak health, offered at a competitive price. This special blood test package includes sodium, potassium, calcium profile, ferritin, cholesterol (lipid) profile, iron profile, kidney and liver function. Generally, it investigates 40 different markers to check your health status.

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